• Do you want to get a broad picture of people’s views or habits?
  • Do you need to test out your assumptions about one or more topics?
  • Do you need some numerical measures (percentages or numbers) to help you analyse and understand the insights you are after?
  • Do you need to gather some quantitative data for a piece of research or evaluation?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’ then a survey could provide what you need.   I have a wealth of experience in survey research – I still get excited about the challenge of designing the best survey for the job.

Take a look at this case study that shows how I have helped clients to:

  • Design, set up and implement on and off-line surveys
  • Analyse, report and present survey insights
  • Support clients to use survey insights to build an evidence-based action plan
  • Coaching-style support to help clients set up and implement their own survey(s)
  • Survey hosting

If you need to do some relatively quick research or evaluation that provides a numerical measure (percentage or numbers) of people’s views or habits, then a questionnaire-based survey may suit you very well.

Surveys come in all shapes and sizes but those that are most effective have ONE thing in common – they are carefully designed with the participant experience, as well as the researcher’s objectives, in mind. They will:

  • Be quick and easy to complete
  • Flow logically – first and foremost for the participant (NOT the researcher!)
  • Be informative and engaging
  • NOT be frustrating or alienating for the participant
  • Respect the fact that the participant is giving their time and effort to help you understand something better
  • Provide accurate answers to your central research questions
  • Provide actionable insights that facilitate positive change


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