Qualitative research

  • Do you need to gain a deep understanding of people’s experience of the service you provide?
  • Do you need some real life stories to help bring your statistics to life?
  • Is there a gap that your quantitative research/evaluation can’t fill?
  • Do you want to explore the feasibility of a new idea, concept or service?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then some qualitative research could provide what you need.

This type of research is great for understanding attitudes, motivations and emotional drivers in a ‘safe space’. It’s especially good for exploring sensitive subjects or where people don’t feel comfortable completing a survey. It can also be very useful for evaluating ‘soft’ outcomes that relate to how people feel.

Take a look at this case study that shows how I have helped clients to:

  • Develop their own qualitative research materials and skill
  • Design discussion and interview guides
  • Carry out depth interviews – face to face or by phone/video
  • Facilitate discussion groups – face to face or online
  • Provide platforms for online diaries and e-journaling
  • Prepare compelling case studies