Impact reporting

  • Does your organisation need to produce a solid, compelling impact report that clearly demonstrates the value – the ‘so what?’ – of what you do?
  • Would you like to have up-to-date facts and figures to include in funding bids and reports for funders and stakeholder?
  • Do you look at other organisations’ impact reports and wish you had something similar to share with key decision makers?

Many of the clients I have helped began their impact reporting journey by saying:

“We know we do great work and make a positive difference, but we find it difficult to demonstrate this sufficiently to attract more funding.”

If this sounds familiar, I can help you achieve this, whether you are new to impact reporting or simply need to review and improve what you currently do.

Take a look at this case study that shows how I have helped clients like you to produce effective impact reports that have enabled them to secure funding, influence policy and build powerful partnerships – and make a positive difference. The support I provide is flexible according to your budget and timescales. Examples include:

  • Light-touch advice and guidance
  • A review of the purpose, style and content of your impact report – focused on who your key audiences are and what you want them to do when they read it.
  • Help to develop your evaluation framework to ensure you have the right information to feed into your impact reporting
  • Addressing the gaps – finding a way to capture data that you need but don’t currently have
  • Help to identify existing evidence that demonstrates the need for your products/services

Drawing on a mix of my research, evaluation and coaching skills I will aim to:

  • Keep things as simple and straightforward as possible
  • Make maximum use of the information and resources you already have
  • Build your in-house capabilities, so that you need to rely less on external support to produce your impact reports in future