Impact evaluation

Impact evaluation enables you to put an amount or value on the work that your organisation does, giving you, and your stakeholders, greater clarity and insight.

Do you need to demonstrate impact?

Does your social enterprise, charity or not for profit organisation need to demonstrate the impact you’re having in the world? Are you at risk of losing funding if you don’t do this? We understand the pressure organisations like yours are under to evidence impact.

Perhaps you’re already doing some work in this area but could benefit from some guidance or specialist support.

So first of all, what is impact evaluation?

Impact evaluation is about demonstrating the value of what you do so you can maximise your impact. It also highlights any areas for improvement.

Evaluation generally focuses on two areas:

Impact e.g. the social, financial or environmental impact of a product or service.

Process e.g. the strengths & weaknesses of a product or service.

Both impact and process are important in any project. They’re often inextricably linked but it’s useful to be clear whether there is a particular focus on one or the other.

How can you evaluate the difference you’re making?

There’s a huge range of research methodologies & approaches you can use. Often it’s important to quantify value using numbers and stats. It can also be just as important to understand the tangible difference you’re making in people’s lives by gathering and sharing stories.

How we can help

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver both the stats and the stories to a very high standard. We use a combination of traditional and innovative methods to get the best results.

Collaborative Evaluation – we are better together!   We love working on evaluation projects that empower organisations like yours to make positive changes based on hard evidence.

Why work with us?

We want to help make the world a better, fairer place where people are motivated and making a difference. We think research is fabulous and enjoy helping organisations like yours do what you already do, better, by measuring and improving your performance.

“We have rock solid research credentials and know the best ways to organise, analyse and present your impact data”    Louise Wheeler, Research Oxford

We strive to be the best at what we do. This is why we think we’re different. We make evaluation accessible by keeping things simple and taking a pragmatic approach.

  • We know you’re the experts in your organisation so work closely with you to make best use of your knowledge and become your trusted ‘critical friend’.
  • We strive to make maximum use of what you already know by squeezing your existing data.
  • We find the best research solutions and aren’t afraid to create and try new approaches.
  • Underlining all our work is the freedom to ‘embrace failure’. If we’re not getting to the findings, we adapt our approach.

Interested in finding out more?

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