Employee satisfaction

Regularly ‘taking the pulse’ of employees satisfaction levels is critical to maintaining a healthy, thriving business. Not only does this show your team that you value their feedback but it provides you an inside track about how things are going operationally and culturally.

It’s very hard to keep customers satisfied if your employees are dissatisfied or, worse still, heading for the door! Regularly monitoring the practical and emotional aspects of employee engagement will help you make evidence-based decisions to ensure your business is in good shape and stays ahead of the competition.

While annual surveys have their place more and more businesses are conducting shorter, more regular ‘pulse’ surveys to quickly gather ‘in the moment’ feedback from team members at critical points in their calendar.  We can advise on and implement the best approach to meet your specific needs.

We use a range of approaches to provide you with independent, evidence-based employee satisfaction insights including:

  • Face to face interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Regular ‘moment of truth’ bulletin surveys
  • Annual employee surveys
  • Employee ‘net promotor’ health checks
  • Staff discussion forums / focus groups
  • ‘Safe space’ web chats and bulletin boards


If you are considering conducting in-house employee satisfaction research you may find it useful to read our piece on In-house versus Independent.

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