Employee customer interface

Your staff are at the coalface– the service they offer can make or break customers’ perceptions of your business.  Your staff observe and interact with your customers every day making them a valuable source of insights. Your staff will have first-hand knowledge of what makes your customers tick and what is most likely to drive them away.

Asking your staff to provide their ideas about how to maximise customer satisfaction and improve the customer service journey can improve their loyalty and motivate them to deliver great service.  It is well documented that satisfied employees deliver better customer service and this results in more satisfied customers.

Did you know …

Customer retention rates are 18% higher on average when employees are highly engaged

(Cvent, 2014)

We use a range of approaches to help you tap into employee insights to maximise the value of your customers and help keep your team engaged.  These include:

  • Team workshops
  • Staff discussion forums
  • ‘Safe space’ web chats and bulletin boards
  • Depth interviews
  • Employee engagement surveys

The best way to foster loyalty among employees is to empower them to make decisions that improve the customer experience

Bryan Pearson, CEO LoyaltyOne

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