Customer profiling

Customer profiling provides a deep understanding of your customers to ensure your marketing activities are super-effective.  Once you know the characteristics of each of your key customer groups, or ‘segments’, you can design bespoke marketing materials that hits the spot for each one.

We will help you develop customer profiles based on the specific criteria that are relevant to your business – one size doesn’t fit all!  The choice of factors is wide and we can help you sort the wood from the chaff.  The following will give you a flavour:

Business to consumer (B2C) – age, gender, location, favoured communication channel, lifestyle factors, emotional drivers, purchasing habits, size of disposable income, hobbies and interests.

Business to business (B2B) – turnover, number of employees, location, purchase history, sector specialisms, their target market, competitors and brand values.

We will work with you to identify the most useful way of segmenting your customers building detailed evidence-based profiles for each of your key customer groups.  We squeeze out maximum insights to inform your marketing and customer service strategies keeping the focus firmly on attracting, delighting and retaining customers.

Customer segmentation can be used alone or along with other insights including customer satisfaction and customer journey mapping.

We’ll use your existing data and capture new data, if necessary, using a range of approaches including:

  • Deep-dive one-to-one interviews (staff and customers)
  • Customer focus groups
  • Facilitated employee workshops
  • ‘Safe space’ web chats / bulletin boards & on-line forums
  • Squeezing existing data
  • On-line & SMS surveys


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