Customer journey mapping

Mapping out the customer journey is a powerful way of getting under the skin of how your customers see you and your business – at every stage or ‘touch point’ of their experience.  In short it is the closest you and your team will get to walking in your customers’ shoes providing you with powerful insights to stay ahead of your competitors.

We focus on mapping the experiences of potential, existing, ‘at risk’ and lapsed customers helping you pin-point the most important stages in each customer journey including:

Pleasure points – what works well

Pain points – what doesn’t work well

As a result we will provide evidence-based, actionable feedback to help you maximise the satisfaction and value of every customer.

We help you map out the customer journey from start to finish engaging with customers and staff to understand how to make the experience great every time. We use a range of approaches to engage with different types of customer that include:

  • Deep-dive one-to-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Mystery shopping
  • Facilitated workshops
  • ‘Safe space’ web chats / bulletin boards & on-line forums


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