Capturing insights

Whether you need our help to understand customers, employees, impact or society, we have the skills and experience to enable you to capture insights that will help your organisation flourish.  We often recommend a mixed method approach which draws on a powerful blend of qualitative and quantitative data – explained below.  We are firm believers that one size does not fit all.

By listening very carefully to what you tell us, we’ll help you decide on the right mix of activities so that you only invest in what you really need. Here’s a brief description of each approach to capturing insights:

Qualitative research

This type of research is great for understanding attitudes, motivations and emotional drivers in a ‘safe space’. It is especially good for exploring sensitive subjects or where people don’t feel comfortable completing a survey. We offer:

  • Interview topic design and consultancy
  • Depth interviews – face to face or ‘phone
  • Focus groups and discussion forums – face to face or online
  • Online diaries and e-journaling
  • ‘Safe space’ web chats / bulletin boards & on-line forums
  • Observation and ethnography


Quantitative research

Quantitative research is for you if you want to gather and understand numbers or percentages – basically where you need a critical mass of data that allows you to generalise to some extent. We offer:

  • Questionnaire/survey design – what to ask and how to ask it
  • Sampling and quota design – who to include and how many of each
  • Surveys – on-line, off-line, telephone and SMS
  • Socio-demographic profiling – usually using existing data to build a profile of your target market


Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping allows you to evaluate the customer experience in real time. It helps you understand what it feels like to be a customer and can identify areas of excellence as well as opportunities for improvement. We offer:

  • Project design including questionnaires, scenarios and mystery shopper profiling
  • A national socio-demographically representative team of mystery shoppers
  • Monitoring of all touch-points (face-to-face, telephone and online)
  • Advice on developing actionable and motivational reporting formats and activities


Independent facilitation

Using our well-developed research and coaching skills, we also work with teams to help them solve problems, action plan and develop best practice.


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