Helpful summaries – impact evaluation

doc&coffeeHave you ever found a paper on the internet covering a subject that you are really interested in but have just not had time to read it in full?  Perhaps you’ve thought it would be useful to access a short summary of the document – an overview that gives a flavour of the key themes and that can be digested quickly? If so, and the subject you are interested in is impact evaluation keep reading ….


To support our work we review lots of literature that makes up the growing and wide-reaching body of knowledge about impact evaluation.  Sometimes, particularly for the chunkier documents, one of our team writes up a short summary that the rest of the team can access when they need to.  They can then decide if it will be beneficial for them to go deeper and read the whole paper.


Recently it occurred to us that it would be helpful to share the summaries that we produce with the wider community via our blog. Those of you who know us already will be aware that collaboration and sharing of best practice are central to our values and overall strategy to provide insight for positive change.


We’ll be kicking off with a summary of a paper we’ve recently enjoyed about measuring outcomes for young people – watch this space!