Witney Town Council

Capturing local residents’ views to inform the redesign of a high profile public building.

The challenge

The Council needed to decide how best to design and upgrade the Corn Exchange building, so it would meet the needs of local residents and start to become financially sustainable.

Our approach

We designed a comprehensive survey, which captured data using both on and off-line channels, to ensure feedback was obtained from all groups of the local population.

The result

Following the rigorous independent research and data analysis, we delivered a clear and comprehensive report, which provided answers to the client’s key questions as a series of strategically focused recommendations. This allowed Witney Town Council to make evidence-based decisions about how to progress with the building design and financial planning of the building.


Research Oxford - Data Analysis
Research Oxford - Report Writing

What the client said

Claire Swan, Deputy Town Clerk of Witney Town Council said:

“Insight Oxford (Consulting) Ltd [now Research Oxford Ltd] provided a professional and responsive service and delivered the research to a tight deadline. Louise Wheeler quickly grasped what we needed to achieve and worked with us to develop a suitable approach, which took into account some of the more sensitive aspects of the project ……The findings and recommendations were reported clearly and comprehensively providing valuable evidence-based information to aid our decision-making about this high profile project