Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action (OCVA)

Informing the design of a website for the community and voluntary sector through stakeholder consultation.

The challenge

OCVA needed to decide how best to design a web-based ‘single on-line front door’ (SFD) to meet the diverse needs of different groups in the voluntary and community sector in Oxfordshire including: People looking for information about what was going on in their community, those seeking to volunteer and those more directly involved in running/supporting a voluntary organisation.

Our approach

We interviewed representatives from each of the nine core partner organisations to clarify their expectations and understanding of how the SFD would work. We also gathered an overview from potential partners via an online survey.

Customer needs and expectations were captured via a separate online survey that we designed to be quick and easy to complete, while providing answers to critical questions. A PR campaign was developed to maximise the response rates achieved.

The result

We delivered a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations along with a presentation of the key messages to representatives from all the partner organisations. OCVA used the insights to write the specification for the SFD web interface that has generated very positive feedback to date. You can access the site here.


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What the client said

Alison Baxter, CEO, Oxford Community and Voluntary Action (OCVA) said:

They were flexible and efficient and communicated well with all the partners involved in our project. Louise was quick to grasp our needs and devised a comprehensive but cost-effective piece of research that really helped us design the appropriate solution for our customers.