Oxford City Council

Identifying areas of greatest need among older residents of Oxford City on behalf of Oxford City Council.

The challenge

Oxford City Council has established a strategic partnership group in response to the increased number of older people living in Oxford, and the associated issues. A key aim of this multi-agency partnership is to support isolated older people. To inform their decision-making the Council commissioned us to review the needs of Oxford’s older population, in around employment and income, health and wellbeing, safety and security and access to information.

Our approach

We undertook a mix of desk research, including numerous sources of qualitative and quantitative data, and interviews with people who have in-depth knowledge of benefits and welfare; community safety; housing and homelessness, charities and community groups; employment and sports and leisure. Interviews were also conducted with older residents in the city. To help understand how to meet the needs identified we conducted a review of local, national and international best practice.

The result

We produced a comprehensive report including findings and recommendations, a copy of which was published on Oxford City Council’s website:


The report has helped inform future strategies and budget allocation relating to the older population of Oxford City.


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Research Oxford - Data Analysis

What the client said

Val Johnson, Partnership Development Manager at Oxford City Council said:

It was a pleasure to work with Research Oxford who did an excellent job of understanding and responding to our requirements. They delivered a high quality needs assessment which enabled us to review the issues for older people in Oxford with a wide range of partners and has given us a well-researched foundation for planning going forward.