Monitoring and evaluation

Review of monitoring and evaluation for a youth sector, not-for-profit infrastructure organisation; building in-house systems and capabilities to enable the team to undertake its future monitoring, evaluation and impact reporting with minimal external support.

The challenge

OY needed to review and update its approach to monitoring and evaluation to align it with the current organisational strategy. It was also important to build in-house capability to collect and report evaluation insights to key stakeholders as required. A key output from the project would be a ‘fit for purpose’ impact report that would ‘set the bar’ for future years.

Our approach

I worked closely with the OY team, using a mix of coaching and consultancy, to:

  • Ensure all team members understood and bought into the value of monitoring and evaluation;
  • Identify the key audiences for its impact report and the implications for its style and content;
  • Develop a realistic, relevant evaluation framework that included key qualitative and quantitative elements;
  • Pilot and implement a process to monitor and evaluate qualitative outcomes;
  • Embed monitoring and evaluation as part of ‘business as usual’ for the organisation.

The result

OY has:

  • Systems and processes in place to collect the monitoring and evaluation data they need;
  • In-house capability to review, manage and develop their monitoring and evaluation framework and to produce an annual impact report with minimal external support.


Interested in finding out more?

Working with Louise was a truly great experience, which allowed us to be really open about our status quo and where we wanted to get to. She not only helped us with reviewing our systems and producing a high-quality impact report, but also enabled us to be more courageous about asking ourselves questions about our delivery and the ways in which we want to look at our impact

– Magda Charlton, Business Development Manager, Oxfordshire Youth