Impact reporting

Produce an informative, user-friendly impact report to showcase an established environmental charity’s achievements and clearly communicate their strategic vision for the future.

The challenge

TOE is an independent, Oxfordshire-based environmental funder. It raises funds and allocates grants to support a better future for its local environment. In its first nine years, up to 2020, it had achieved a great deal but was struggling to communicate this, to its various current and potential stakeholders in a concise, engaging way.

Our approach

Using a facilitative approach, involving a mix of coaching and critical friend input, I worked with the TOE team to enable them to:

  • Identify primary audiences, ‘walking in the reader’s shoes’ to inform decisions about content and style;
  • Assemble relevant data and key sources of evidence to focus on the ‘so what?’ of TOE’s work;
  • Map available data onto the report plan, identifying and addressing the gaps;
  • Decide how best to present qualitative, quantitative and secondary data sources;
  • Took the report from draft ‘wire frame’ to the finished article – published in print and on TOE’s website.

The result

TOE has an impact report that provides its funders, partners and local businesses with a clear picture of what it has achieved, where it is now and its strategic priorities going forward. The process also provided key learning to inform TOE’s approach to monitoring and evaluation in the future.


Interested in finding out more?

The final document is not only providing TOE with an excellent showcase for what we have achieved, but it also reflects your own expertise and patience in guiding us through the process of producing such an impressive report.

– Karen Woolley, Chair, Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment (TOE)