Impact Reporting

Preparing an evidence-based report to inform internal and external stakeholders about the social and environmental impact of a local social enterprise. ‘Good with Wood’, OWR aims to make our society more just and sustainable.

The challenge

With social and environmental impact at the heart of its organisational values, OWR needed to improve the way it monitored and communicated its impact. This was important, not only to help evaluate its work, but also to engage current and future partners, funders and customers as effectively as possible.

Our approach

After undertaking an initial evidence review, an evaluation framework was designed and implemented which involved undertaking depth interviews with team members, desk research and an on-line customer survey.

The result

The resulting data was used to produce an impact report which was informative and engaging. This enabled OWR to communicate their mission, showcase their work and build stronger relationships with funders, customers and partner organisations.


Interested in finding out more?

We’re a reasonably complex organisation and hadn’t produced an Impact Report  in some time. Therefore  Oxford Research were presented with a blank canvas and a big ask. Louise was incredibly thorough in making sure we canvassed and represented opinion and reporting right across the organisation and all of our stakeholders. The result is much better and of more use than we expected or hoped for and something of which we are proud.

– Richard Snow, CEO, OWR