BYHP On A Roll

Enabling a Banbury-based retailer to increase sales and profitability through customer and competitor research.

The challenge

Catering retailer BYHP On A Roll needed hard evidence of what local people wanted and what competitors were offering, so they could increase sales, through the right product development and marketing.

Our approach

We provided support in designing and conducting two surveys – one for existing and one for potential customers. We also produced a framework to undertake an objective audit of the local competition to identify key opportunities and threats. We helped the client analyse the data and gain maximum value from the insights.

The result

Claire Norton (CEO) summed up the outcomes of the project as follows:

The research enabled us to develop a marketing strategy which contributed to increasing the turnover within the six months we had identified.

She added:

Louise’s advice on conducting the on-street research and support to interrogate the data was invaluable. It did, in fact, show that there was a good market for high quality, fair-trade, environmentally sustainable lunchtime snacks in Banbury.


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