Business Research Keynote session Oxford Brookes Conference Oct 2015


I was delighted to be invited back to the Business School at Oxford Brookes University recently. This time I delivered a keynote session at the Post Graduate Research Conference on 17th October.


It is always heartening when the academic world reaches out and invites local businesses to collaborate with the aim of bringing a new dimension to the learning experience for students. Oxford Brookes are making powerful strides in this area and I am proud to be a part of that.


My audience this time were post-graduate students who were just about to embark on designing and conducting their thesis research. My brief (and we researchers always like a clear brief!) was to share my insights from the world of business research and to strengthen delegates’ understanding of how exciting and important research can be for the wider business world – not just in academia.


Enjoying the ride!

Those who know me will already be aware that I am always keen to share my enthusiasm for conducting good quality research and have a passion for helping other people to develop their skills and careers in this area. Embarking on your first piece of research, especially in the academic arena, can be daunting. So I really wanted to encourage and enthuse students about this stage in their journey – hence the title of my keynote session: “Enjoying the ride: Some personal insights from the world of business research”


People who helped – thanks!

I would like to thank Judith Piggott and her colleagues at Oxford Brookes Business School for inviting me to speak; also to Rachel Leahy who was kind enough to provide me a the link to the video she put together. I am also very grateful to Joe Frost, Sales & Marketing Director at Gigaclear plc, who kindly allowed me to use the research we conducted for them as a case study for the session.

Most importantly, thanks to the students who attended the session – you were a fabulous audience and I am sure your research will result in some fascinating and useful insights.


Louise Wheeler, Founder & Director of Research Oxford Ltd


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