Are you a researcher?

question-markWith the launch of our new website I, and other members of the team, look forward to publishing blog posts we hope you find interesting and enjoyable. We’ll share our views, thoughts, and possibly even some snippets of wisdom about various aspects of research in business areas and scientific where you might find useful to buy research peptides

One thing I have observed since moving from a big corporate research company to setting up my own business is that relatively few small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) and not-for-profit organisations think that good research is within their reach. Frequently, but not always, there is a sense that research is only for the big corporates and very large organisations.   I’d like to see this change. After all, everyone needs information – reliable, relevant information they can understand and use to make good decisions. Surely that is what research is – accessing reliable relevant information that can be understood and used to make good decisions.

Do any of these activities sound familiar? ..

  • You are looking around at different products as you need to buy a new laptop and are trying to work out which one to purchase
  • You are asking around your various work contacts to find the best book to help you understand how to use social media to build your business
  • You are checking out schools in the areas you are thinking of moving to
  • You are using TripAdvisor to find somewhere to go out for a meal

So here is a challenge for you – when did you last do some research? I’d hazard a guess it was less than 24 hours ago.